What do nurses, leaders and 80s pop culture have to do with each other? Turns out, quite a lot.

Two everyday boys manage to save the world from vampires in The Lost Boys movie.  While we’re not fighting off vampires, we are in the midst of fighting off one of the deadliest viruses in a hundred years. 

The Outsiders portrays two distinct groups of people, those on the ‘Right’ side of the track and those on the ‘Wrong’ side to discover it’s the same sunset we all see, we’re in this together.

In the inaugural episode of the Board Certification of Emergency Nursing (BCEN) podcast, Director of Strategy and Operations Brigid Flood sits down (virtually) with author and speaker Chris Clews about just how many workplace and life lessons derive from 80s pop culture.

Chris is the author of the book series, What 80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Today’s Workplace, an original self-published book released in 2019.

Brigid and Chris discuss a variety of topics, ranging from passion and teamwork, to resilience and regulating stress, to lifelong learning and venturing into the unknown—all from the perspective of movies from the 80s.

Discover more about Chris, lessons from 80s movies, and just how important the ‘King of Music’ Prince is to being a great leader!

CLICK HERE for a transcript of this Episode 

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